WellFocused System

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Keeping the Well…Well


The WelloStation™



The WelloStation provides a 3-second, hands-free, non-invasive body temperature measurement. The first sign of infection is a fever. Daily screening upon entry and exit of visitors, patients, suppliers, and employers keeps germs out of your facility. It’s that simple.


Measurement data is stored in the HIPAA compliant WelloCloud® storage system for compliance and reporting purposes. Consistent and continuous screening from WelloStation™ will lower HAI (Healthcare Associated Infections), stop employee absenteeism at your company and keep the community healthier. WelloStation™ keeps productivity high and workers working well.


Medical Grade Scrubs utilize technology that provides supreme moisture management, stain release, and antimicrobial odor control, all while being safe for the consumer and environment.


This patented, durable fabric, VisaEndurance®, includes silver ions that are located inside a ceramic cage. The ceramic cage is inert, and protects the silver ions until the consumer begins to perspire. Sodium in the perspiration activates the release of silver ions and then the bacteria in the perspiration take up the silver ions, which disrupt their reproductive cycle. With Medical Grade Scrubs, your garments won’t let bacteria colonize and you will smell fresh and stay dry.



headless scrub


Track inventory, compliance, product life and more in one RFID chip.   The WelloStation reads the RFID chip, which is sewn into Medical Grade Garments to capture tailored information for a facility. This results in cost savings and reduced time completing paperwork.


Our RFID has been underwater tested and lasts at least 500 washes. Data captured from the WelloStation’s reading of the RFID chip is sent in real-time to the WelloCloud. Reports can then be extrapolated from the WelloCloud for analysis of trends, compliance, and performance.


Dr. Cohen and the MGI Science and Technology team provide full training and support to staff regarding the use of the WelloStation, and works with you to determine pertinent measurements, trends, and data collection opportunities for each individualized facility.


MGI provides IACET accredited training and support through the Frontline Healthcare Workers Safety Foundation for healthcare workers and leaders in the areas of biosecurity, biohazards and infection control, industrial hygiene and safety, laboratory construction, and certification and risk management.

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